!!! Please read our following notice before you are register !!!

Please note that registration into our system will not give you access into your account right away as this method is purely desing to verify service user before contract have been offer to you in written form or we have give you access to your free account. All our account and administration panel are created manually for each user individually for our user investment protection.

Before you submit your registration you should bear in mind that our verification mail can time to time end up in your spam folder or junk box so we are strongly recommend you to check your email properly including your main inbox folder.

If you wish to know more or having a doubt about our verification process or perhaps like to ask few question before proceeding registration into our system than we will be very happy if you can get in touch with us here at support@globemining.co.uk

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Service user data protection with GLOBE MINING provider

None of the data we are collecting from you will not be distributed to third parties or share in any other way. Data we collet from you are solely use for our trade business with you only. To help you understand our policy for this business please read our Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy and other regulations can be seen here

Account and administration panel data protection safety

Every user right upon registration must be verified right upon link we will send to you on your email. Our verification system is helping us to fight boot and protecting real user. This process must be complete to establish clear communication between service user and provider. We will do our best to keep you protected at all the time.

Register new user into GLOBE CLOUD MINING project

Registration in our system is very simple and easy to manage. All you have to do is simply fill up all neccessary field corretly and submit registration. It is very important that you have filled up all information correctly as all of the information will be part of the verification process. To complete this process you need to have valid e-mail address.

Our verification code will be automaticly generated and send to you via e-mail. After receiving verification code from us you need to click on link in your e-mail which will help you to validate your e-mail address and complete first step in your registration. We are also need your contact telephone number just incase we need to contact you considering our services we are providing to you.

Once your email address have been validated than we will get in touch with you to discuss your contract and your investment. If for some reason we can not reach you by email we might reserve the right to contact you by phone.

Need more help or assistance for right start

If you are completely new to cryptocurrency cloud mining or you are not hundred percent sure if this project is suitable for you than we have prepare section of Frequently Asked Questions for you. In this section you can find common question and answers which can help you to decide if this project is suitable for you or not.

If you have still not found question or answer you were looking for than we will be very pleased to know about it. Section with frequently asked question is design for you to gain basic information about GLOBE MINING CLOUD SERVICE. Upon reviewing this section you have still not found what you were looking for than please get in touch with us here at support@globemining.co.uk or alternatively you can contact us by phone.

We hope that even provided information we have prepare for you will help to find you guidance and right direction about our project. Our team is here ready to help at anytime you need with support of obtaining information you need to know before you start successfull cooperation with GLOBE MINING