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About our developer at GLOBE MINING

Very ambitious and strongly motivated person with good personality for every part of the business. Tomas Smutny like to work in the team preferably but he is not having a problem to work as individual as well.

In my carer I have been dealing with many different jobs and task which has give me understanding and enough knowledge to become a better and more progressive person in world of business. During my personal career I have gain lot of different experience and now I like to decide to share them with those who are currently looking for business improvements.

Tomas Smutny is also C.E.O founder of company call UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o and developer for the several other domain names such as UNIWEBSITE-SOLUTION.com, GLOBEMINING.co.uk, EMAIL-SPOT.com and many other website and facebook groups.

His main reason and idea behind all of his work was and still is disclosure of personal or corporate presentation to the ultimate way for final consumer with vision to innovate and develope services with as high level of maintenance, satisfaction and security as possible.