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Now we have provide you some additional information how easily you can get involvend into our community and share your idea with other members. Every members is now having great opportunity to help other people with simple suggestion or providing advice by joining our online forum.

In our new developing blog community there is no need to register as we are not collecting none of the personal information in this way but we would like to show some excellent support providing helpfull information with people who are currently seek our help, advice or trying to be part of our cloud mining projects.

This website development is still part of the „GLOBEMINING.co.uk“ community and it will be strictly covered with all other policy regulation. If you prehaps like to know more about our current development please feel free to contact us


A great way of obtaining certain information from us is to simply use our own original blog site which carries the name globernews. This blog was created and designed to share information on our website among the register members and for other potential service users too.

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Using our blog is purely designed to inform our service user and other visitors with information on our development. Our blog site is not designed to collect personal information about people or other service users who like to use the website to be able to gather information for themselves.

We are often providing the latest information about our services and everything related to cryptocurrency cloud mining as well. This website is accessible for everyone who is having serious interest in cryptocurrency or altcoin in general. By using our blog site you are having a great option have you can interact with other service users. We do believe that this informational website will help us to provide better support for yourself and all service users who still find enough passion to know more about the trading market and current currency value too. There are many options available to you on our blog where you can easily find a way how you can get involve or perhaps start to earning your first cryptocurrency coins.

Our customer support is providing care for everyone with the desire to guide you in the steady path of how to generate passive income money. If you like to know more than feel free to write us an email or use our website where you can easily access alternative method and ways of getting in touch with us using customer support.

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Every members and visitors now having a chance to submit the support ticket to apply for using our services or have recently come up with the problem at your account. The request can be sent to us any time you need help, advice or you like to add extra service for your personal usage. This option is very flexible and we see this as the best way for all our service users.

If you are requesting something for yourself considering our offered services, investment or looking to gain advise from us then we will be very pleased if you can use our online contact form and briefly let us know in your message what kind of assistance or support you require from us. We will do our best to find the right guidance and suitable solution for all matters you are experience right now.

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